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Wonderful Shoes to Look Perfect at Wedding or Prom 


It's summer, and summer is WEDDING SEASON! As the stack of invitations grow so can the anxiety. The same rules that applies to Bride's on the big day also apply to guests; it's all about the dress... but what is a dress without shoes to match?! 

Keep your location in mind! Are you going to be travelling between locations? Will you be outdoors? What kind of obstacles will you encounter; cobble stones and grassy lawns can pose real problems for stilettos. Weddings can be all day events, so you're going to want to be able to stand for the Bride's entrance and bust a move come reception time. 

We're going to focus on wedge and wide heels here because they're the stylish and practical choice. Just because your heel is chunky doesn't mean it has to be CLUNKY!


Pretty in Prints

If you have chosen a printed dress for the party, you've usually got more options; choosing a shoe in one of the colours of the print is the obvious and easiest choice. If your dress features a classic print like gingham or dogstooth or leopard print why not try to find a matching shoe? If it's a floral, finding a shoe with a floral appliqué or accent is great. Don't be afraid to have fun with you accessories.


Classic Cocktail 

If you're going with a classic cocktail dress you may want something chic and classic. Think of the era your dress references, does it resemble a 1950s tea dress or a 70s disco number? Keeping fashion history in mind can make choosing accessories much easier. Strappy platform heels are simple and elegant but don't have to be boring. Don't be afraid to play with different textures and fabrics; these crushed velvet platform heels can add richness without distracting from your outfit.


Toes on Trend

For the fashion forward among us, events like this can pose a challenge. If you've got a distinct personal style it can hard to tone down your look or compromise your personal style. Don't go rogue, stay in vogue; an understated trend piece means you stay true to you without breaking any social etiquettes. Don't be afraid to experiment! These classic mules get a modern trendy twist with perspex and a bit of added edge with metallic studs.


Shoes for black dresses 

When it comes to the 'Can you wear black to a wedding?' debate we're as confused as you are. If you do chose to wear that little black dress we've got shoes for it. Everything goes with black, that's why we love it, but let's be honest nothing goes as well with black as black. Play with shapes, creating some visual interest is a great way to add something extra to a simple black dress.


Metallic dress 

If you've chosen a metallic dress you have a few options. If you want to keep it simple black or nude shoes. If you want more of a look try coordinating or clashing with the colours of your dress. Or if you really want to out shine all the other guests double down on the sparkle with even more giltter and glam. These 




If you want to rock a stiletto we totally support your decision and we're here to help you find a shoe that does too! These black suede bejewelled high heels are classic and chic and will elevate any look and give it an air of sophistication.

Flex on your Ex

You weren't a perfect match, but you still need to find THE ONE for this look. If you've found yourself in the awkward position of being invited to an exes wedding there are two ways you can play it; cool or cat-y. If you want to play it cool head back to the start of our guide and give it a re-read.

If you want to play it the other way... we've got you boo! They weren't your perfect match, but we promise that you'll at least find the perfect match to your wedding look! Our advice; go big or go home. 

Hopefully our handy guide has helped. To see the full range of options available visit our website.



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